Intelligent Touch Dental Laboratory took the leap and went digital in 2010 using Cerec inlab. We then added the Nobel Procera, then Straumann. Today we use 3shape. We have been using 3shape for about 3 years. 3Shape has given our lab the opportunity to produce continuous quality designs and still help increase our productivity. Digital dentistry with 3Shape has given us the perfect base for combining technology, artistry, efficiency, and communication. 3Shape gives our technicians the total freedom to design everything from a beautiful new smile, to complex custom abutments and implant cases. We currently have three 3shape scanners. We have a D900L & two E3 scanners in-house to scan models & impressions.

After the restorations are designed, they get milled in one of our Roland mills. We have a DWX-42W which is a “Wet Mill” for milling Emax and Implant parts. We also have 2 DWX-52DCi mills. These each have a 6-slot automatic disc changer, which keeps the mill milling after hours. Keeping our workflow moving!

We also have a few 3D Printers here at Intelligent Touch Dental Laboratory. We have a Carbon M2 printer, a Form Labs Form 2 printer and an EnvisionTEC printer. With Intra-oral scanners getting better and better every year, more and more of our dentists are starting to send us digital impressions. With our Carbon M2 printer, we are able to deliver fast high-resolution detailed models, Keysplints, Custom Denture Trays, and surgical guides.

I.T.D.L is always looking for the next best digital solution to help our laboratory be more accommodating to our doctors and their offices. We have been looking to expand our digital and CAD/CAM solutions even further in the upcoming months! Stay tuned to see what’s next!