Acetal Partial Dentures

Acetal partials are a great new option for partial dentures! The Acetal material allows us to make a thinner, more flexible appliance. It can engage natural undercuts in teeth for maximum retention and patient comfort. One benefit of Acetal, is it is kinder to adjacent teeth then a traditional metal RPD due to its flexibility. Acetal is available in pink and in five different shades (A1, A2, A3.5, B1, G2 (Bleach Shade)). Acetal Partials are milled in one of our Roland DWX 52DCI mills.

We can create snap-on smiles with Acetal for a long-term provisionals. We are a Certified Snap-on Smile Dental Laboratory with the use of Acetal! For more information on Acetal partials or Snap on Smiles, give us a call today.

Visaclear Partial Dentures

With the use of Visaclear partial dentures you get the flexibility to treat a wide range of patients and a variety of cases providing an optimal solution. Visaclear is milled just like Acetal is, but this material is even more flexible than the Acetal.

Metal Cast Framework

All of I.T.D.L’s cast frameworks are designed, waxed, and casted in-house at Intelligent Touch Dental Lab. We do not out source any metal frameworks. Wade has been designing frameworks for over 20 years at Intelligent Touch Dental Laboratory.

Digital Dentures

We now have access to the first FDA-cleared (Class II) materials for 3D-printed dentures. We have the DENTCA Denture Base II and DENTCA Denture Teeth for our Carbon printer. Using these two materials together produce quality, digitally manufactured dentures. These make for a great short term option, or even to have as a back up denture.  Give us a call for pricing!

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