``I have enjoyed working with Intelligent Touch Dental for several years. Deneen with her big smile and cheerful disposition always makes my day. David's sincerity and thoughtfulness are great assets as a leader. I use several labs, but for multiple units and bridges, Intelligent Touch is the best. Also, any denture or partial that needs attachments will get the best and most precise result when you use Intelligent Touch.``

-Dr. William Johnson, St Paul. MN

``I had the opportunity to visit Intelligent Touch and met with David and his team. Everyone was very professional and pleasant to talk to. Intelligent Touch has gone above and beyond to accommodate my patients and me. The craftsmanship on fixed prosthetics has been phenomenal. No margin adjustments or re-dos. I have worked with other labs in the past and Intelligent Touch stands out as one of the best. It's been a pleasure and looking forward to many more beautiful smiles in the future. Thank you.``

-Dr. Tami Pham, Maplewood MN

``I refer any dentist I know to you guys when they ask what labs I use. I really like the fact that we are on the same page as far as doing everything we can to make sure the final product is the best as possible. David and the gang rock! (Not their bridges though).``

-Dr. Ryan Francis, Maple Grove MN

``Dear David, it's a godsend to have such a talented lab as yours working with us! Thank you for the unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and integrity in your work. Your lab really takes the pressure off us, since we know it'll always fit well and look great time after time. You make us look smart even when we don't deserve the praise! God bless and take care!``

-Dr. Casey Williams, Boiling Springs PA

``I have found Intelligent Touch to be a top tier lab. The work is CONSISTENTLY excellent over a many year period. I expect to seat a crown with zero adjustments almost every time. It is a pleasure to have an insert on my schedule and know I will not get behind schedule.``

-Dr. Michael Fuller, Woodbury MN